Tagore Shiksha Niketan gets its lead from the national curriculum frame work (NCF 2005) The paramount guiding principles as proposed by NCF 2005 are:-

Connecting knowledge to life outside the school learning shifts away from rote methods.

Ensuring that curriculum to provide for overall development to provide for over all development of children rather than remain textbook centric.

Making examination more flexible and integrated into classroom life and curriculum.

Pre Primary Section

In pre primary wing teaching is informed with specially designed aids to facilitate the psychomotor skill of students . The focus is on learning by doing so all learning is through play & pleasurable activities . They are exposed to the rich experiences of daily and helped to learn social behavior and proper communication.

Juniors Section

The pre-primary stage is the foundation of every child’s basic education At this stage the child is introduced to the basic skills of learning through play-way method . the subject taught will be English and Number Work Hindi is introduce in the Kindergarten Section Environment Awareness will be given through discussion project work demonstrations and excursions . the child adapts himself to the school environment and is nurtured to adjust with the surrounding and peer group . this propels his learning skills and enables him to develop a spirit of curiosity which is the enables him to develop a spirit of curiosity which is the key to learning.

Primary section

There is well balanced academic curriculum with Eng, Hindi, Maths, Evs in class I and II as the core subjects & computer, science, G.K, Music, Moral science and physical education as essential support subjects.
Computer aided learning through smart class and various other activities form an internal apart of teaching learning process.
In class III, IV, and V in the place of EVS there is segregation of science and social science which have been two well defined subjects.
In class VI the third language is introduced students have a choice of french/ Sanskrit , computer science , G.K, Music , Art and physical education form an integral part of curriculum.

Middle Section

The school follows the CBSE pattern and offer various at secondary level.

Evaluation & Assessment

The evaluation system is continuous and comprehensive . The academic year is divided into two semesters . There are two cycle tests in each subject in each semester.
(F.A -1 , F A -2 = S.A 1 ) (F.A -3 , F.A -4 = S.A-2 )
Weightage is allotted for the cycle test and internal assessment formatives and summative .We provide remedial classes for the slow learners

Student participation

The morning assembly is conducted by each class in rotation everyday. These class assemblies give each student an opportunity to participate. This develops the oratory skills and confidence. The cultural show put up for the founders Day as well as the sports Day too has a hundred percent participation. The annual Art Exhibition. Science Exhibition/Week, computer week, holiday Home Work Display give every student a platform his or her work.

Second Home

All student gets a gift from the school at the of their admission and on their birthday.Student from nursery to class V are exempted for wearing of school on their birthday.The tiny tots of nursery K.G, and Class also get lots of gifts and prizes on all Special day likre Boogie Woogie Day (Games),Pool Bash(Swimming),Sports Dayetc.

School Council

A democratically elected school council comprising of representatives of student every class from class lll upwards and led by head girl and the head boy from an integral part of the council.It serve as a mini parliament.The sports secretary & cultural secretary are there to streamline the co curricular activities in co-ordination with the council meets the principal on a weekly basis.

Tours and Excursions

Regular tour are arranged for student to visit Museum,Art Galleries ,Exhibition and places of Historical ,Cultural,Scientific and Economic interest .Camping Expeditions ,excuriousto game parks,picnic-spot etc. are also organize outsideDelhi.Student on taken on educational tours or adventure camps abroad at least once a year to countries in Europe,U.k.,Australiya and South East Asia. A student exchange programme with France is arrange through the Embassy of France.

Awards and Scholorships

All puipils are encouraged to take part in Curricular and co-curricular activities.Those excelling in these activities are ginen due recognition through Certificate and Rewards.Student scoring above the given criteria set by the school in any subject ,are awarded a,roll of Honour Certificate every term .Outstanding student in academic have their names permanently displayed on the School Honour Scroll Board.Bright and deserving student are eligible for scholarship.Outstanding students may be promoted to higher grade if this helps their individual development in all respects.

Morning Assembly

The morning assembly is conducted by the principal and is attended by all student and staff members.This serves as a platform of convey all important announcement and message.The principal also interacts with the Student Council regularly.This provides an opportunity to understand the ideas and problem of the student community.The principal interact with the student in a friendly ambience and acts as a guide to motivate them.

Teaching Aids

A unique,innovative,fun-filled childware programme specially designed by expert,introduce the Preppers to an exciting and fascinating world of Computer software.The specially designed keyboard with matching mats make learning easy and fun for the tiny tots ,who can barely hold an control a pencil.At one educational film if shown every week on the 52’’TV screen with Laser Disc.Other ultra-modern teaching aids include latest in computer with colour monitors and printers .LCD projector are in each classroom to make a learning interactive and interesting.


Seminor and Workshop will be organized from time to time both for the students as well as teaching staff.Children will learn various skill such as poetry ,Waste management ,public speaking etc.Teaching faculty will keep abreast of the latest techniques and trends in Educations.